Monday, February 20, 2012

Nanocapitalism part 3 - Hovering above the social chasm

The more I think about this concept, the more it rings true to me.

I spend an awful lot of time working across many verticals watching the social media marketplace mature.  Many people are constantly clamoring to serve to create solutions that are the next big thing.  They focus on developing infrastructure with a focus on themselves and their business, but they often miss the point of why we do things.  I believe that our goals as individuals is to make the world a better place.  And make no mistake like everyone, I want to "not have to work again". 

But would I stop?  Never!  I believe that using my mind is the most important thing I can do.  I am given time on Earth and I choose to use it to help advance whatever is going on in the short blink I have.  But if you think more deeply about most people's rationale for doing things it is with a focus on ourselves.  We all work to make ends meet and when we work in something like social media, we are believers in what this cultural change in how we communicate can bring to our lives.

But there is a chasm that exists here.  I have been writing about it.  That chasm is about the world of business and the world of individuals.  On one side as I wrote above, we work to develop technologies that help the business world connect to the individuals.   The technological goods and services proliferate almost as fast the tweets on twitter.  You need a way to manage your life goals.  You need a way to have your network find you work.  You need more cell service so you can find out what movie to see and when.  All these services are the cross-cultural chasm between business helping people and making money.  It is the essence of the joke that is social media fatigue.  Which I really consider a joke (see here).  We all now beholden to capitalism because of the need for the technology that connects us.

On the other side, we have the individuals who use the products of the New Corporation to change our lives and how we now treat each other.  My kids can be bullied in a virutal world.  People can see pornography without anyone knowing.  You can cheat on your spouse and hide so easily.  You are able to connect with old friends more easily.  You can let people know what you like even if they don't want to know.  You can show off on Facebook about how great your are presenting yourself as something you are not.  I don't mean to bash, but the reality is the MEO as I have heard it termed is now solely about bringing attention to oneself through the multisocial channels that are growing everyday.  I almost see people put each other down for now knowing how to use technology.

Call me a ludite but I think its all a big pile of you know what.  We are losing our identities in the sheer fact that we think that others are not on top of it when the reality is that we are locked in a new cultural war that is seemingly sucking the life out of culture altogether.

There has to be a middle ground between the corporate technology and the personal narcissism.  A place where people can feel free to leverage the technology to help others succeed not to put them down.

This is the place where the chasm will fill.  I believe this is where the concept of nanocapitalism plays.  Its is almost a time warp backward with an eye to the future.  The concept of Nanocapitalism is really about a time when the past principles of business which had so much more that what you did for me lately.  When technology was not there to "cyber gossip" or "cyber show off" people cared more about each other in business.  They were loyal to the principles of true relationship building.  We didn't know so much.

But today, as the concept of C2B grows and the individuals take back power from the companies meant to serve them, the rise of the entrepreneur has new meaning in a nanocapitalist  model.  Nanocapitalism is really just about increasing an individuals ability to live their life and prosper by focusing on what they do best.  Nanocapitalism is about helping you be rewarded for your specialized skills in a new form of meritocracy.  It is about using social media tools to help you "find" opportunities to perform and help others who have what you need perform to bring the best solution possible to those who need it. 

It is about trust, transparency and collaboration across a network fed by new tools.  Everyone can win.  Each individual who doesn't want to work for a large company can more easily be brought to solve problems for those who do. 

The rise of a concept where social media tools help people bring their best for parts of project where specialized solutions are needed is  a from of expert crowdsourcing that is truly missing.  There are many services out there that tout crowdsourcing as a means of cutting costs for your business.  There we go again a system that hurts the individual.  Instead, wouldn't you want to pay more for expert value that is efficient and effective?  Skills that save you money while bringing you value and expertise you need?

Nanocapitalism is about breaking the corporate social media paradigm AND the individual one.  Closing the chasm is about removing the cost cutting at the expense of your workforce.  It is also about showing individuals that it is more about creating a reality show narcissistic  spotlight because we are so good.

It is about getting more people to win.  15 years ago, that sausage maker in west texas I read about in the book Evil Plans had only those fortunate enough to stumble upon them for them to grow their brand.  Boy that has changed with the event of ecommerce. 

Now we need to find ways to help people find each other to bring the best team with the best solutions for the problem to the table when the answer is needed.

It removes the narcissism and increase the collaboration.  It destroys the inhumanity of increased ROI for some and brings it to many.

Nanocapitalism is the perfect chasm closer that helps the issues GEN Y has with corporate America to be solved in a way that meets everyone's needs.

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