Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The concept/approach principle - influencing clarity

How many times have you tried to drive change only to be brushed aside by a critical stakeholder? Have you ever thought why beyond the fact that they just don't get it? Is it possible that you didn't help them get it enough?

This leads to a simple innovation principle called the concept/approach principle.

What is the concept/approach principle? This principle is a simple way to analyze a situation when an innovator is trying to influence someone. When you are trying to share a new idea with a stakeholder if you are having trouble getting your point across you must ask yourself...do they not understand the concept I am presenting them or do they disagree with my proposed approach? This is an extremely critical distinction because if we can separate where our problem is we can have insight into how to fix our arguments to achieve our goals.

It also helps to cut down on frustration because if we recognize that someone doesn't understand our concept, it is easier to understand that we need to work harder to make sure they can get the concept we are selling. We might even decide there is another politcal route to getting this concept understood and ultimately implemented.

As for approach, if we are losing on approach it may be a bit easier to accept because this can be a difference in opinion. And while it is harder to convince someone to change ther emind on approach, at least we can make more sense of our disagreement. In addition, I have found if you can point out to someone that you don't have a concept problem first (they feel understood) so when you poiint out that it is about approach they might even get a bit more open minded to what you are saying because have done aq good job of cliarying the situation.

While it seems so simple, understand the issue in this simple way can help you better react in real time and be successful at driving the change you crave to implement.

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