Thursday, March 17, 2011

If you lead the horse to water...its your responsibility to make him drink

Often times as an innovator, I have found myself feeling like an outsider looking in.  Why?  Because as a born contrarian and a natural divergent thinker, my process and method for doing things is often different from others.  Over the years, I have come to learn that this style difference is merely that a difference in how I like to innovate versus others.  And while that is the topic for another longer post, I will say this...regardless of how different we are as innovators, to bring change to others it is up to us to figure out the coping mechanisms to "get along" with those we encounter everyday.

How often in your quest to work on novel and different ideas that often go against the grain do you get frustrated because others don't understand where you are going, how you are getting them there and most often even what you are trying to say?  I would say in the beginning of my career way more often than now.  And while this frustration will always remain, I have learned to accept that if I can't get the horse to drink it is my fault not theirs.  Too many times, it is too easy to say to others who are different from us that they just don't get it or their too afraid.  In reality, if you are really pushing the envelope, you need to take responsibility that this in our quest to bring what are often considered risky and different ideas, we must find ways to help other see what we see.

And while this isn't easy, it is critical.  Earlier I wrote about the concept approach principle. where understanding that your struggle can often be not your concept but the approach you want to take.  This will often bring instant clarity to any situation, it is only the first step.  Acknowledgement that bringing people along to your way of thinking is your responsibility can often create even more clarity because when we own what is ours (in this case the differential in thinking) we find ourselves moving more quickly towards growth and new skills.

And in the end, we can only improve as innovators and change agents if we are readily willing to take on the constant challenge to grow and change for the good of bringing about the wonderful ideas that give us passion...

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