Thursday, October 13, 2011

C2B How social media is flipping who has control...

I have always made it a point to admit when someone comes up with a term or idea that is just simply great and/or poignant.  In this case, the concept of C2B, a term I have started hearing lately is just that...elegant.

What is C2B?  This is he opposite of B2C where the consumer is driving the business and not the other way around.  In some of my posts, I have made it a point to focus on what I call the social media speed of insight.  This is essentially the hypothesis (and looks like reality) that if companies do no take the time to understand the sentiment and insights embedded in THE CROWD they can be affected by it. 

When they are affected, it is the situation when the consumer (C) are driving the (B).  I have talked about it.  I have thought about it.  I have never put a term to it.  Bravo!  And as a scientist, it is ALWAYS the case that when an issue in science becomes big enough it gets it own unique term.  Well social media is on the way to having its own version...C2B. 

The question remains...who will be the biggest players in C2B.

What parts of the market need the infrastructure, service or products to make it live.  I have written about THE CROWD and MY CROWD.  These are two beast that need taming.  Their are elements to taming them.  There is the demographics, influence, sentiment, interaction between and many other things that need to be built for C2B to become something tangible and real.

As C2B grows the question what is going to happen to B2C?

How will the flow of information affect how B2C runs and for that matter B2B?

These are things to ponder for sure...

Hopefully, as part of C2B you can help me think about it....

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